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About ERP Target

Advance ERP
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ERP For Small Businesses

ERP Target is First Cloud Platform for Business Solutions for Enterprises and SMEs with more than a cloud service including Accounts, Sales, Procurement, Inventory, Human Resources and Project Management. The system was developed by the Standard Solutions For I.T, which started its operations in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the beginning of 2013, specialized in the production and development of resource planning systems for government and private institutions.

ERP Target was developed to cater the need of low cost System with Remote support for Corporate sector and Small size Businesses. Its based on Modern Technology and Advanced Features which support Remote access so Businesses can manage their activities from any where anytime.

More than 20000 Worldwide Users

Our Customers are Our Pride

We beleives that companies and individuals who use ERP Target are able to move forward and win the largest market share. Cloud computing is truly a revolution in I.T Systems., it is therefore necessary to use new Technologies and Systems which can helps Arab society to applies modern Management Tools from the advantages we offer them through our platform.

We have more than 20000 worldwide users on this platform who have put their trust in this platform to manage their business and have consistently assured us of their loyalty and satisfaction. We are proud of our customers and are proud of their appreciation to us, and we look forward to providing them with maximum quality service and continuous development of the system.

ERP Customers

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ERP Target provides a complete set of Interconnected Cloud Applications in a single platform that helps you to Organize, Track and Manage your Business Activities in easy and professional way.

ERP Target Overview